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RankwithJags SEO Training Program

Rank with Jags SEO training details
Who am I?

Hi! Firstly I am just a person who wants you to stop being fed up from blogging not working for you and just help you once and for all in helping you get through. My name is Gaurav, I am a digital marketer and SEO, who has been ranking websites continuously for the past ten years (yes, I started in 2011). I have ranked some of the toughest keywords in the tech and sports niche which brought in millions of dollars in revenue over the past ten years.

Why this training?

Being associated closely with this field for so long, I have seen people investing *huge amounts* in digital marketing courses from renowned institutes that teach nothing but the never-working expired “theoretical knowledge”. I have countless messages and emails from these students who even after completing degrees remain jobless, and worse knowledge-less. Never once in my career have I come across a student do well and make a sustainable income from these institutes.

Honestly, when it comes to scoring jobs, getting clients or making your own websites, actually ranking, only practical knowledge and real experience of *doing the deed* works.

Few days back I put up a job post and I had DMs from 120+ people telling me their unfortunate story and sharing how this job is their last hope. They need to train with me, well even I cannot hire(120) someone with no knowledge and correct experience. 

And through this course, that’s what I want to provide you. Having ranked countless websites myself, I intend to pass on the exact knowledge to you that will help you rank, your own blogs, or clients’. It will be my absolute privilege to see you stop struggling and finally doing well in blogging.

I have done it in the past and so many of my students (and interns) have been placed in reputed companies, scored multiple clients or left their full-time jobs by ranking websites, and bought homes for themselves.

What’s included?

I don’t wish this to be a “theoretical” course because first you can find that on the Internet, second nothing works till you do. It’s a hands-on training where you will pick up keywords, plan content and build links with me over the period of four weeks to help you see results in real-time.

I can teach you:

  • Not every keyword is right, profitable and organically achievable. You need to invest minimum and generate maximum ROI- this is where it can make and break your journey- how to pick up the right keywords for your blog or business website?
  • Content is 60% of a website now, it will decide if links will push your website up or a penalty by google and deindexing by Bing hits it down- how to plan your content and judge if a content is fine to put up?
  • How to write content that ranks?- Pretty self explanatory but sadly always executed wrongly, google has specific goals and you will know all about them in detail in the content session.
  • How to research your competitors and steal their winning strategies?
  • How to build links that actually move the needle in search engines?
  • How to sustain your rankings?- Ever had a site which ranked, made a little money and then left google forever yup same with a lot of people, you need to know how to build authority to sustain. It is not tricky, but it is definite!
  • How to gain authority so that your site is *perennial*?
  • Everything you need to know about making PBns that will last you for years and redirecting the right kind of expired domains so that your site is boosted up and not making a mistake because EDs have so much grip over google, one wrong domain can spill over all the progress you have made. 


Yup! I know, it seems dreamy and expensive but because this is to help, not to milk money- you will do all this, WITH ME, in a live environment, side by side and not at some insane price like 1000-2000$.

As I said, this is no BS and only join me if you really want to make a change in your life, actually shift your reality and make some real money, accomplish some real goals, this is practical training. This is how everybody should teach you, but sadly they don’t. 

And this is not all-

Additionally, I also would love to teach you:

– How to score well paying jobs easily?
– How to find SEO clients and convert them?
– How to sky-rocket your success chances by avoiding the mistakes 99% SEO newbies make?
– A 12-week SEO plan detailing the journey of a perfect ranking website

– How to build an effective PBN in 3 different ways?

This time I wish to rank a site for you. With my experience and your dedication & hard work, the returns can be anywhere from 1000-5000$/months, it is just how much you are ready to dedicate yourself. 

We will dive deep into each topic, not just skim the surface. We will talk about what really happens on bing and google when you make a site. I can go on & on about how detailed we will go into each topic, but I don’t need to first, you will see all that in the training and second, you know my experience and reputation.

Cost: The course is divided into 2 categories-

  1. Imparting Knowledge: Access to this section will only cost you only 30,000 INR for 12+ hours of live training (with live-project) over a course of 4 weeks. Every week, we will go through a 3 hour live class where one module each week will be covered, discussed and dissected well by all of us together.

  2. Rank with Jags: This is “THE REAL DEAL”, I decided to make a change this time and go the extra mile to help the ones who really are fed up and make this opportunity their “Do or Die”. You don’t know how to rank sites, google hates you, bing fucks you up like its nobody’s business- who cares bud, but I am here to help. Make a website with me, through the 4 weeks of this course and the next 8 weeks after it, for a full 12 weeks, I will be your “person” who will help you get results this time, We will go on 3 calls, 1-to-1 for 60 mins anytime you like, check your work, dissect, make corrections and additions, take up your questions and rank your project in live, WHY? Dude because I am tired of us asians just being so behind on google, we can make as much money as *them* and if you are up for the challenge, sign up for this- let’s have an insane ride together. As I want this to be accessible to anybody who is serious about putting in work, this will be only for 60,000 INR.


Note: Rank with Jags(60,000INR)= Imparting Knowledge + Ranking your project

Once and for all, seriously, let us get serious about learning, putting in work, dedicating our time and making the money people say blogging can for them, getting the satisfaction of seeing your site doing well. 



Question: Will you have recordings?

Answer: Yes you will get the recordings of each class, so that you can revise and play it again at your convenience.

Question: When does the course start?

Answer: The SEO classes start on 22nd of May. We will have classes on weekends in evening timings mostly.

Question: Isn’t 30,000 too much for the fee?
Answer: For knowledge that can help you build a full time career, that has helped me gift a home in gurgaon to my parents, and supported my lifestyle over the past ten years, I think it’s a steal-deal. This makes me happy, offering such great knowledge for such a small price. Last time when I did it, the batch was amazing and all the students are making 1800$+ per month and we have a dedicated student who is making 5000$ now. My time, experience and love has a value and I can only reduce it so much.

Question: Can I enrol in the mentorship support plan later on?
Answer: Possibly not, but we can try. Also, we cannot guarantee the same price, as our time is always being taken and students are booking & buying it.

Question: How much can I earn after this course?
Answer: I will be honest there is no limit, this is what took me and my partner to make 100,000 USD in a month, yes it is not a joke. I will provide you with the knowledge & tools you need to rank medium to high competitive keywords. It’s your commitment and hard work which will answer that question for you. My students have had great results over the past so many years. I don’t want to boast and go into the numbers, but they’ve done pretty amazing for themselves. I really wish to help people who want to dedicate their time and efforts and really do something this time. 

Question: When will you do it again? Can I join next time, I have plans?

Answer: I am doing this after 3 year for the countless messages and ask for help, I have 2 full time flourishing businesses and I cannot for now guarantee that I will be able to take this time and effort out again, if you really *need* this help, if you can show me and your website dedication and bring me the right amount of hard work then- this is your chance & maybe your only chance for a while. I am sorry about that, but *on the brightside* I plan to give my 1000% to you this time, if you just give me your 100%, I hope to help you in the course and more importantly on google man, c’mon, been a lot of years, LET’S DO THIS. 

Question: Can I join your 1-to-1 personal calls?

Answer: Ofcourse, The calls are priced at 550-800$/hour 

*once in no refunds and cancellation- on both party’s end*